infographic / motion / product prototyping

An exploration on the intersection of design and nature. By incorporating natural shapes, patterns and cycles, can design inspire users to focus on the wellbeing of themselves and their surroundings? The goal is to bring consumers back to nature, by designing products inspired by nature.
Our Health Is Our Wealth
An infographic aimed to realign consumers with nature and wellbeing by promoting environmental education and relaxation.
micro Meditations
Focusing on the breath is a useful tool to recenter oneself. Relax with these visual guides to yoga breathing techniques.
Natural Prototypes
The meditation board, also known as a finger labyrinth is inspired by the golden spiral of the Fibonacci sequence.​​ The stacking set of rocks are designed in various shapes and sizes, and can be stacked and re-stacked in multiple orders. Unfortunately, the products remain prototypes from a lack of resources due to Covid-19.

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